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March 7, 2012

IISBA members retaliate against activists in family court fighting against extortion of family assets by court-appointed attorneys

Read complaint here.

On February 29, 2012 a group of moms and dads who were victims of court ordered extortion of their families appeared to testify before the Illinois House Judiciary I Committee in support of HB 5544, which would set a limit on fees that child representatives and guardian ad litems can bill families for services in divorce cases, when they are court-appointed to represent the minor children.

These moms and dads made compelling testimony that proved that judges were rubber stamping orders to pay these lawyers exorbitant amounts, from $300 to $1200 per hour, amounting to up to around $100,000 per divorce case. These fees which are often one to two times an average family’s yearly income, not including the fees the parents pay each of their own attorneys, cause the corrupt family court judges to ignore the law, 750 ILCS 5-506, that requires them to approve only “reasonable and necessary” fees, and order the families to use the children’s’ college funds to pay the court-appointed attorneys as well as to sell their homes – often making them homeless or end up living in trailer homes or with friends and relatives, to pay these fees.

Surely, this was not the intent of the legislature when they enacted these statutes to look after the “best interest of the children” – notably a term that the Nazis used 60 years ago to take Aryan looking from their parents and place them with good German couples in order to ensure a pure race!

For details of this scheme to rape the estates of families in divorce court to enrich lawyers see the complaint filed with the ARDC, Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Kilbride, with the attached copies of the slide show that these activists gave to the Illinois House Judiciary I Committee on February 29, 2012 to document this atrocious, immoral, and illegal scheme supported by the ISBA, whose member testified that they NEED these exorbitant fees and the families should have a penalty that impoverishes them for arguing with each other!

Read complaint here.


  1. Now you know why this is a pro se blog. Judges hate pro se litigants showing unbridled prejudice, bias and discrimination when a pro se person trys to fight a case. Denial of the 14th amendment? I have heard that judges use toliet paper with the constitution inprinted on it to wipe their judicial asses.

    Comment by Rick Beckham — March 7, 2012 @ 11:49 pm

  2. My brother and his soon-to-be-ex were ASSIGNED a GAL by the McHenry County courts (not by request of either parent) and this GAL was negligent in so many aspects of his job. In fact, this GAL (Robert W. Fetzner of Buxton & Kasper, Crystal Lake, IL) actually charged MORE than my brother’s main divorce attorney and did very, very little as far as investigation of issues that were brought to his attention, interview of family members, daycare facilities, etc. Of course, this guy had his stopwatch (or Time Matters software) close at hand to ensure he clocked every minute he was supposedly reviewing email correspondence, dialing the phone, etc. Would you believe that at one point, Mr. Fetzner mistakenly double-booked himself for two different trials during the same 3 days and then went to the courts to get my brother’s trial rescheduled and actually charged my brother for HIS OWN mistake? All this for the “”best interest of the children”? Yeah right..I’m not buying. Robert’s late father truly lived BY this motto, but Robert simply hides BEHIND it. He is no child advocate and, in my opinion, should no longer be allowed to act as any advocate for children or families as he is reckless and carelessly decimates any possible future hopes any of these children may have. From what I’ve seen and read on the Internet, the acts of Mr. Fetzner seem to be commonplace in many states, but especially in the Land of Lincoln – He’s rolling over in his grave today!

    Let’s touch back upon what these GALs and the courts deem as “in the best interest of the children” for a moment. Today, after not only neglecting to do his job and advocate with as much zeal as any attorney vows to do for their clients when they take their oath, Mr. Fetzner has now approached the same court that assigned him to the case (remember, without the parent’s request or consent) and petitioned the court to act as his personal “collection agency”. Now, I’m certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but when you ask the courts to hold the parents in contempt of court and request that they each be sent to the McHenry County Jail until the pay off their debts…How the heck does one earn a living and pay off his/her debts while sitting in a jail cell. I was under the assumption that debtors jail no longer existed in the U.S., but I guess when you extort people with the backing of the judicial system and classify it as “contempt”, debtors jail is alive and well. So Mr. Fetzner, since you are acting in the “best interest of the children”, are your actions to file this motion selfless and meant to serve these two little boys for a better purpose? Or, would it be safe to say that this despicable action you have decided to take is more or less self-serving and an attempt to squeeze every last penny out of these people? C’mon…Seriously?!?

    The federal courts have already held that the fees and costs payable to GAL/CR/AFC are not a domestic support obligation of the debtor. At the state level, In Joel Levin v. Carlo M. Greco, No. 08-A-00251, In the United States Bankruptcy Court For the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, the Court held that the debt owed to a “child representative” in an Illinois divorce case is NOT a “domestic relations support obligation” under 101 (14A) of the Bankruptcy Code (Title 11, U.S.C), a status that would make the debt nondischargeable under 523 (a) (5) of the Code. Therefore, the actions and motions of the GAL and the McHenry County courts are without merit and border on harassment. Mr. Fetzner, if you are having a problem getting paid for the services you believe you fairly rendered, get on Google, search for “collection agencies” and follow the same process that all other business in the U.S. follow when faced with a payment dispute.

    It is high time that all concerned citizens put a stop to this insanity. Let’s see this disingenuous practice for what it really is – A “cottage industry” where attorneys and the courts exploit our fellow citizens at one of the most stressful and lowest points of their lives.

    Comment by David — April 25, 2012 @ 7:01 pm

  3. Attorney Randy W. Franklin of Buffalo Grove, IL should be on this list. He has been assigned to numerous cases as a child rep by such corrupt judges as Judge Andrea ‘Andy’ Schleifer (who is running for re-election this year and needs to be completely removed from her bench) who has allowed him to make preposterous claims in courts and alienating families. A google search on Randy W. Franklin shows the many negative reviews of him on legal review web sites. Schleifer has forced court approved indigent parents who were eligible for a public defender as a child rep, disregard their financial condition and in one case stated to the parent “I don’t care about your finances. “You are to sell everything you own to pay Randy and sign his retainer agreement” among other numerous other horrible violations of her judicial powers.

    I accidentally stumbled upon this site and am calling on all people who have negative experiences to group together and fight these outrageous and blatant frausd by reporting similar situations to the ARDC, the Illinois Judicial committee, and any other organization involved in investigating corruption.

    Also, Judge Andrea Andy Schleifer’s web site at states that “she was on the very first committee established to screen and train other lawyers who wanted to serve children in that way” which is odd because on Randy W. Franklin;s web site at it shows he is a criminal attorney primarily so how a criminal lawyer becomes a child rep is beyond me. He is also listed as some kind of psychiatric expert except there is no mention of him being a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist

    Further, if anyone does a search of Andrea ‘Andy’ Schleifer at in civil court as the ‘Plaintiff” she has sued dozens of individuals for legal fees (and most likely child rep fees assigned to her by other judges) prior to her becoming a judge.

    Comment by Mark — June 11, 2012 @ 8:33 pm

  4. I am sorry to hear that, yet another judge has no clue, nor any attempt to read the US Constitution. Judges use their absolute immunity to litigate from the bench instead on being impartial as the 14th Amendment demands. But, we have the JIB to provide further protection for corrupt judges. Judge Spears of Christian County denied my Post-Conviction Petition to keep me convicted so his wife could adopt my daughter!!!. What a peice of shit!!!! No they did not get her. Please Google, Allison Beckham, Northwestern Fienberg School of Medicine.

    Comment by Rick Beckham — June 17, 2012 @ 10:08 pm

  5. for 4 years i have been inprisioned in IL for half baked charges by 2 women I am disabled scitzo effective. Both My sister sued me .sister for atrust banning her as benicary.Ex wife stealinf 90K worth on jewly and over$6000 cash I need a free or fair priced attorney …My E mail Any help out there

    Comment by ANTON J pETTERSEN — April 2, 2013 @ 8:34 pm


    Comment by ANTON J pETTERSEN — April 2, 2013 @ 8:36 pm

  7. I just saw this while doing a search for the GAL in the custody case for my daughter.

    I have to chime in regarding Ralka Klepak. She did not do her job and I was paying a lot of money to her, the court appointed psychiatrist as well as my own attorney. When my daughter would tell me what was going on at her grandparents home I relayed this to my attorney who the told Klepak. Nothing done about it, my daughter cancelled a planned visit to go camping, which I’m sure was initiated by her grandfather, Klepak made a comment to the effect, “surely we won’t deny the wishes of a girl that just lost her mother”.

    When Julia told Klepsk she wanted to come home for the weekend, nothing came of it, just swept away. At this time I informed my attorney that I wanted her removed from the case.
    Ralla insinuated that I threatened her by saying this. I was informed that Kleoak works for my daughter, and not me, so she can’t be removed. I pointed out that my daughter is ten, and isn’t paying the bill to Klepak, I am, so she does work for me and she’s fired fir not doing her job. From that point in it was a bunch of bullying from Klepak and my late wife’s parents attorneys. Eventually I ran out of money, and my attorney withdrew from the case, it was either keep paying the lawyers and be homeless or take my chances on my own. I lost custody of my step daughter, and didn’t even get visitation. Klepak never came to my home to inspect, she saw my daughter and I interact once for 30 minutes in her office. She needs to be disbarred, she’s a bully and lazy.

    Comment by Brian Cottrell — December 17, 2013 @ 7:52 pm

  8. Unfortunately very few and they won’t do pro bono work. If you find any, send them my way.

    Comment by Linda Shelton — April 17, 2014 @ 1:57 pm

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